6 de octubre de 2008

Books to read this year!

On our website, in "Curso" we have a section with the information about textbooks and books to read. Check it out and tell us here which threads we should start to comment which books!


Have a nice day! :)

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marta dijo...

This is very helpful, so that all the students and visitors know our level and the books we are doing, thanks

Rebeca 4ºB dijo...

I have just written a comment at here, but it doesn´t appear!!!Why?

Rebeca 4º B dijo...

Hi again! I wanted to say that I think that i have liked this idea too much; i mean, te posibility we have benn given by our teachers to know books which can be read by the students. However, I also belive, that it could be got better by allowing us to recommend books too, in order to help ourselves.

Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins