26 de abril de 2008

Draft Webpage & Winning Essays!

Whenever suits you best, please send me the the winning essays and the info about their authors, as a Word doc. You don't need to use complete or real names if you don't want to. It's your decision, just remember this is public. Please, get in touch with your teachers, and send whatever to Michelle. By the way, if teachers at the English Department want, we can create a section to publish students' contributions, and publish some of the comments on these blogs and other essays, whatever. Whatever you all wish.
How are we going to publish the three essays? That's a bit of problem on a blog, so I drafted a Webpage for the English Department. Please, check it out and tell me whatever. Draft Webpage for the English Department

25 de abril de 2008

April 25 - Amazing! - Congratulations!

Here are some EXCERPTS mentioning PEOPLE from the comments below (please, read the complete comments!) and then michelle's "Congratulations".
CRISTINAsaid "We all had a delightful evening...but what really touched my heart was THE Y4STUDENTS. The ushers, all perfect in their white outfit, the woman in white roaming around the courtyard as if her mind were elsewhere, the tablecloths with quotations from the novel, the comments from the blog pinned on the noticeboard,the 75 essays,... it was a celebration of the joy of teaching."
PEDRO TOMEY dijo "Álvaro Pombo genial, como es él, brillante y provocador en su conferencia muy trabajada, ameno y cercano con todos en el cocktail. El Decano de Filología de la UCM, Dámaso López, en su intervención y como presidente del jurado dejó patente el rigor aádémico. La presencia de la Embajadora inglesa dió un realce al acto reafirmando la importancia de la iniciativa. La Consejería de Educación de la CAM, representada por la Directora General de Secundaria, contribución indispensable ofreciendo además un cocktail "de diseño" espléndido".
CARMENsaid "I would like to THANK the USHERS, our Anne Catherick, and all my students who attended the event and joined in happily and enthusiastically. You were great."
MARTA said "THANK YOU USHERS!...Thanks to everybody else who helped us, Sara´s cake was really good, Jack and Juliette thanks for your help. Trini we can´t live without you! THANKS TONS YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL!"
PALOMA said "Congratulations to all the winners, you are our pride. I’m especially happy because of Maria’s prize, she has been one of the biggest contributors to our blogs and she has won the first prize ... The blog has won!".
CLARA said "I could see how happy were all fourth course students, as they have worked so much on the book “The Woman in White” and that day was their AWARD, not only for the winners but also for all of them. These kinds of things make our lives at school much more interesting, and help us to work harder. Thanks to encourage us! (Y3)"

Hello, adorable colleagues and students!
Thanks for your wonderful emails, sms's and calls! I'm overwhelmed! I've been very sorry to miss our adorable celebration (health is first, right?) after all the work and fun we put into it, and I'm very sorry I couldn't meet those courageous Y4 students. On the sunny side, I have enjoyed myself all year through (since we began in September 07!) in your company and learned tons of things, so I'm really happy and satisfied! :D Students are writing, telling me all about what fun they had, how wonderful, interesting and FUNNY Álvaro Pombo was, how impressive the technological presentation was, hahahah (it makes me laugh!) (thanks so much for showing that part with the poem, and for mentioning me, too - if you ever were technophobic, you certainly aren't now - you know how to apply ICTs! Wow! My respect!), AND the food, which was absolutely lovely! Hey, people, culture IS fun! This "Culture is Fun", I have to say, is thanks to my colleagues, who can turn something dull into something full of color, like a little spring, who can turn a school event into a social event full of glamour, culture and passion! My dear colleagues, who can teach & inspire people to love literature! I really hope we can continue working together in this teaching/ learning space we've created as a community on the Internet, and which shows that in state-run education, in spite of meager means, we are eager to do interesting things for everybody's learning and enjoyment! Hurray!
So congratulations, everybody, for helping to make this world a better place filling it with good interesting collaborative work! (This letter continues in a comment.) Lots of love, michelle.
And of course, you are welcome to post here your comments!

21 de abril de 2008

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Next April 25, writer Álvaro Pombo is visiting us. He is going to talk about this amazing poem, T. S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" (the grey text is a link), so we thought you might want to read it or listen to it. To listen, check out our YouTube account - we found two amazing versions (one by a man, another by a woman)!
Enjoy it all & feel free to comment here!

9 de abril de 2008

Brilliant ideas!

After this year's hard work on the 2007-08 projects (the Contest and on our little blogs, where we have the pleasure to read your words), we wondered if we should start this thread to collect brilliant ideas of things we can do together, in case... there are any! They can be big or small, don't be shy! Ideas move the world! Happy spring!

Idea 1: A Film Club
Students volunteering: María, Natalia, Roberto, Paloma
DRAFT Blog by: EOI Goya English Department, at http://eoigoyainglesfilmclub.wordpress.com/.
Mishy Film Club: you can say things to improve it, certainly!

2 de abril de 2008


STAGE 1: Context Information.
Target: Information in the blog March 30th Sunday

STAGE 2: Profile Information.
Target: Information in the blog April 6th Sunday

STAGE 3: Admission of applications, format, interview contents.
Target: Before April 20th Sunday

STAGE 4: Interview.
Target: May 8th Thursday

STAGE 5: Publishing of winners and results.
Target: May 11th Sunday

Please look in this section to do the interview we are not going to do it in Lucky Jim from now on. This is a game, remember, so let´s have fun! Good luck on your first job interview in English. Teresa and Fernando thanks for all your work.

Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins