13 de septiembre de 2008

Escrito al CAM

Una estudiante de quinto 07-08, con el respaldo de sus compañeras/os, presentó en julio un escrito al CAM sobre la cuestión de los niveles en Madrid (la Reforma en Madrid). Nos la ha enviado para su publicación (una vez eliminados datos suyos personales como DNI y dirección) y la podéis encontrar en nuestra web del Departamento, en la sección llamada CURSO, y la subsección NEWS (Noticias). En CURSO también tenéis una tabla de equivalencias y algún comentario sobre el problema de los niveles.
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Manuel dijo...

Pienso que el escrito debería presentarse también al MEC (o como se llame ahora) pues la Comunidad es la que está haciendo las cosas mal.

Desearía confirmar lo siguiente: ¿es cierto que la Comunidad de Madrid es la única que ha rebajado el nivel al B2? Tengo entendido que en Cataluña el nivel es más alto para los mismos años. Creí también que al ser títulos oficiales, la única diferencia que NO podría darse entre comunidades sería la del nivel (al darse títulos) y la de los contenidos mínimos.


marta dijo...

Manuel I am afraid we are not the only Community to have done it, but we are one of the silly ones that did so. That is why the students have asked for the C1 LEVEL, I mean on those grounds:other Communities have got a higher level. María is prepared to send it everywhere but she says that unless it is taken to Court, nothing will probably happen. But that process implies spending money and not everybody is prepared to do it.
Michelle thanks for putting this up. I´ve been trying to post a comment in the forum but OF COURSE haven´t managed to do so, I can´t find the place! I´ll try and do it on Monday with the others. I am not good at all with this, you say we´ll learn, DO YOU REALLY THINK IT IS POSSIBLE???

marta dijo...

I´ve seen the letter and everything there, and as usual I´m amazed, the more I see the more I wonder, it is really good, Michelle you are a miracle, I always say that I saw you first and my! I was right in my perception. I shall never be thankful enough for the stroke of luck we had when you came to Goya!

michelle dijo...

Wow! Thanks, my dear Marta... (Carita colorá!!!) :) I feel the same. Meeting you has been really important in my life, because it is hard to find people with a truly independent mind, who are able to contemplate life with a clear gaze. By the way, I didn't get the picture of that very typical smile of yours that I'd love to show you! hahahah but I got one where you are smiling like a little girl. I'm not sending them yet because I fear you will all say, "oh no! I look horrible!" (as usual, what a species!!!) But I will! Carmen has a lovely one too, but she's got a bun, so she'll also think she looks... not glamorous? :P :)
Hey, I just posted a new episode on the TP Podcast and the links I give link to this blog, too, where you discussed the poem I recorded, which is... (HYSTERICAL SHRIEKS!!!) TO BE OR NOT TO BE!!!! (Well, my reading is quite simple and I just record the bit I know by heart). :)
Night night

marta dijo...

Darling you know that what I say is perfectly true! Thanks for what you say too, it is fantastic that you have put up that speech in the podcast, I´m going to try and find it right now, I hope I´ll be successful! You know how bad I am.
Sure we´ll say that about the pictures but I´d love to see them maybe you can send it to the email

María dijo...

Thank you very much, María José. I being not an expert, the text seems to be perfect. I hope it also was useful and fruitful! Do the students have to do anything? Like giving money or signing some paper...?

As for Michelle, I corroborate all things Marta says about you. Regardless of wheter we have been hardworking students or not, Blogs have ben the best idea you could manage, and you can´t imagine how useful they are for our improving English every day. I´ll never be tired of saying it: THANK YOU.

Marta, why are you so bad? For sure you must look nice at that pictures!! ;)

roberto dijo...

Come what may, I'm afraid we have to apply for doing CAE exams if you want to have a degree accredited by the UK.

roberto dijo...

Michelle, we are already missing you!

Thank you for your good job.


michelle dijo...

Hello, María and Roberto!
We missed you on the forums! And your adorable teachers have actually signed up! ALL OF THE DEPT.!!! :D Now I hope we can meet some day supposing they can't follow the little webquest I wrote for people to learn to survive on the forum!!! (It's on the Exercises section at Talking People). But I've been reading you on the Film Club, really interesting as usual, and hope to continue reading you and pops (perhaps) interacting! :)
Today I had my first meeting at my new school and people are really nice and the Dept is a beautiful space. I don't know which levels I'll be teaching yet, but on the TP eCampus (the elearning platform I'm using is Claronline, Open Source, o sea, software libre, and you know what? Unesco gave them a prize in 2007!) I've prepared stuff for all! Can you believe that! I'm trying to design checklists from the TEXTS - SKILLS - LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS bits in the law, per level, so that students can check what they know or are learning! And I'm becoming kind of a misantrope, finally! I'm only interesting in doing interesting things and not in personal relationships any more! :D (I'm half joking, really - I'll be glad to see you all whenever you like!)
Well, that's all for now. Dinner's ready and if I don't get to the dining-room this minute I'm going to be dragged to it by my adorable ear!!! :)
Night night

María dijo...

Hi Michelle, I´m so glad you are fine in your new school, though I (and I think much more people) would have liked to have you in our school this year again!
I have not understood very well all that you say about TP ECampus, but I suppose It´s good for us, as you always do.
Let us know if you organize a dinner or whatever.
I´m going to write something at Talking People right now..
Kisses and good luck!

Fernando dijo...

Thank you very much, María José. I hope the text could be useful for us. How can I help you? Let me know it, this initiative must be successful. You have had a great work!

maría dijo...

Tras leer la respuesta de la Consejería, entiendo que el próximo paso está en el Ministerio de Educación. Ahora son ellos los que admiten o no la solicitud. En el caso de que la inadmitan de nuevo, se interpondrá recurso a la correspondiente sala del Tribunal Supremo, y después al Constitucional, por haber sido violado el artículo 24, creo que era el del derecho a la tutela judicial efectiva. ¿Es así? ¿Vamos a seguir hasta el final?

marta dijo...

I have received a letter from the students in the Consejo Escolar saying that they want to continue. Don´t leave it now you have to go on till the end you are going to win. Please PERSEVERE.
María Conde you are doing a brilliant job I just hope the others stand by you. They are very lucky to have you all fighting a battle that is everybody´s!

marta dijo...

Apparently there is some very good news about your demand, María I think has been informed. So we hope she will say something, I don´t want to say anything in case I tell you something that is not exact.

maría 5ºB dijo...

What news??????? Maria, tell us!

Rebeca 4ºB dijo...

In my opinion, this letter shows us, that today, there are still people that wish everyone to fight by their rights.I hope this behaviour continues in the future, because it´s one of the few things, that will help us to improve our society. We all should be so brave as its writter to ask the goverment for our rights.

Anónimo dijo...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.


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