29 de agosto de 2008

Getting ready for the new academic year!

How was your summer? Are you ready for the new year?
You can leave your hello messages here, if you like.
For people doing resits, best of luck!
For all, we hope you enjoy your new course with us! Plus the on-line resources we offer you: a brand new webpage, our 3 marvellous blogs and a little on-line forum!

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ana otto dijo...

Hello there! Big hug to everyone on your first day back to work! Wish I were there! I will be thinking of you

michelle dijo...

Hello, ANA! Big hug to you too! I hope you can come to my new school!!! :)

It'll be sad to say goodbye to these adorable people, but I'll be here for the next two weeks, till the September resits end. Then I'll be at my new school! Life's SO exciting! :D

CRISTINA, congratulations for your new status! Remember you can count on our support with the on-line treasures! A reminder is: remember you should ask the School's webmaster (well, the Head of Studies) to replace the old contents of the English Department on the School's website with a link to the English Departament's webpage at TP, because it is there where the Department has the syllabuses and the stuff the Head of Studies will ask you to send for the School's website. I explained this [url=http://www.talkingpeople.net/goyaingles/pages/gettingorganized08.html]HERE[/url] also.
Finally, you can email me all the info you get which belongs to "Curso" on the new webpage, so I can paste it there, OK?

I keep being congratulated for the EOI Goya Inglés webpage. People say it's SO BEAUTIFUL and very useful! I hope it makes you happy, dear colleagues!

Hugs to all!!!

roberto dijo...

Hello both of you!

How do you do?

I am really looking forward to start a new course and to learn, learn, learn.

These three blogs are part of my life! They are beautiful in every way.

ana otto dijo...

So you are there with the rest of the gang! Oh my! If you have some time to meet up for lunch I can take you all to a lovely reasonably-prized but glamorous restaurant you will love! It's near the school (Barquillo street). Enjoy your stay! For those doing resits best of luck! Hello Roberto, glad you are there as an active member! Sure you will learn a lot. Big hug to everyone

María dijo...

Hello! When will the course begin?

michelle dijo...

Hi there again! Some delicious cannelonni are waiting for me to eat them all up, so I've got to go now!!! Just say hello to Roberto and María. I'm sure you'll learn tons this year too!
About Ana's proposal, well, that could be a good idea so we bloggers can meet up, really!

michelle dijo...

(Uh! Too hot!)
Hey, "bloggers" literally refers to people who have their own blog, right? So technically speaking we'd all be "blog users", I suppose. But "bloggers" just came to me possibly because I do feel we actually are! (even though our blogs are not personal, but community-like, so to say).

marta dijo...

Hi everyone, I have just posted a comment in the theatre club saying that as usual I came back with the blues, all the more so because Ana is not with us which is really sad and very specially because Michelle is gone for good!!! I know that you are going to be with us in the blogs and webpage, which is fabulous by the way have you seen it? Please Michelle no matter how far you are, do not leave us ever, we can´t do it without you and as for me, I don´t want to do it without you! It is horrible not to have you with us and the it is very bad for my blues too. Anyway in this project we are one and I will hopefully recover soon and start the year doing a lot of things because it has to be a fantastic one! Love to everyone and yes, we are going to make the year something worth remembering!

michelle dijo...

Hi Marta!
Of course I won't leave you! I enjoy working with you! :)
I'll always help you out with ICT's if I am able to, count on that!
And I hope you can come to my little house one day, so I can show you some stuff on the Net and we can have lunch or dinner together! :)

esther martín dijo...

Hello everybody!
september is here again(almost october),the next course is going to be very very interesting, I´m excited!
Looking forward to see you, to learn, to read, to speak...everything.
6th october is the date!
Esther Martín, 4ºb

Carmen dijo...

I´ve just read this and have been reminded of going back to boarding school!! We´ve achieved something really amazing: we have become English! Malory Towers...

Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins