25 de octubre de 2013


I2s A and B, we are going to read this novel during the year, you will find it really hilarious. Please join in with your comments.

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Lola dijo...

Oh my God! I just finish reading the novel, this part is horrible!!

I don´t like to read such a sad things!

It´s terrible to think that a lot of stories like that had been lose for ever and that this people relatives will never know what happened with them, how they died or how they felt at the end of their lives.

I´ve already said it, but I don´t understand how they were able to do that.

Manuela. dijo...

¡Surprise! At last, we are discovered one of the best kept secret of the "Novel", Sidney is homosexual. I don't know why, but I suspected this long time ago.

Since the beginning, Juliet had always known it, for this reason, they love each other like brothers.

It's very funny de Isola reaction when she knows this about Sidney and her subsequent behavior.

The first two chapters are very nice. I wish the next chapters are more o less amusing.

Manuela. dijo...

My corrections:

- the Isola ..... (de)

- I wish ....were more.... (are)

Marta, which one is better:

- The first two chapters ..... or

The two first chapters.... or

neither of them.


marta dijo...

Lola, about explaining... it is something..
Yes I agree, nowadays children cry and shout to get what they want. It is something I definitely didn't do, for when I was a child that wasn't the way.

I am sorry I've been absent for so long! I have been with the exam calendar and that has taken up a lot of time.

marta dijo...

Lola, I just finished..,these people relatives..,
Yes it must be awful to think of all this but life is terrible sometimes.. We don't realise how lucky we have been.

marta dijo...

Manuela, at last we have discovered.., best kept secrets.., like brother and sister.., Isola's reaction is very funny..,
The best is the first two chapters.
Yes what a surprise that Sidney was gay! Specially because the indications were not so clear. It is true that Sidney's friendship with Piers is... well special, but one doesn't really click, does one?

Lola dijo...

Yes It was a surprise but Sonia told last week, She was right! jajaja

So Juliet is free to be with Dausey, this changed Is a little bit forced in the book, don´t you think?

All the things that are suronding Juliet and Dawsey are in the right place for them to meet.

marta dijo...

Lola, that he was giving to his children...
I agree, now we get everything easily and this is very bad because we think that things do not cost and it is the opposite one has to fight to get things if not you end up with nothing....

Lola dijo...

Yes, is like prince Ferdinand and Miranda. Prospero, who is Miranda´s father, wants they to be toguether but he puts some impediments to their love to do it more passionate. And finally Ferdinand asks Miranda to marry him and to be the Queen of Naples.

Prospero is very cleaver, and Shakespeare too :)

I think that It´s in our nature to desire the things that we don´t have. So if you achived something easily, you wouldn´t apreciate it at all. And is the same with people, things or personal achivements.

My grandmother used to say it referring to men! jejeje If you are an "easy girl" they won´t apreciate you :)

Can we say "The more they work to conquer you, the more they would apreciate you?

My grandmother was as clever as Shakespeare :P

Reed dijo...

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