3 de noviembre de 2009

BRIGHT STAR..,1819 (John Keats)

Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art---
Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night
And watching, with eternal lids apart,
Like nature's patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priestlike task
Of pure ablution round earth's human shores,
Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors---
No---yet still stedfast, still unchangeable,
Pillowed upon my fair love's ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft fall and swell,
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever---or else swoon in death.

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Carmen dijo...

This is one of the most famous sonnets in English. It is a love poem. It captures extremely well, I would say, to perfection, the intensity of love.
Its first words are used to title the new film, just to be released, in which the last three or four years of Keats´ live are showm.
What do you of it?

ali & miriarm dijo...

The poem is difficult to interpretate, but at the same time, it is really beautiful and give to you special sensations. This poem has deep sexual contents, and also is open to differents meanings.
We like also spanish poetry if you read it by heart. Even if it doesn't sound that soft it is more passionated.

Marisa 3ºC dijo...

I agree with Carmen, that poem really captures the intensity of love, not only in the "romantic" sense but in the sexual too. I think the alliterations definetely contribute to transmit this kind of soft, calm, and, in the other hand, excitment and passionate feelings. Translations are never good and I think it happens the same if you try to translate a spanish poem into english (not the Quevedo one, but I like Becquer and he's not english!).

Maite. 3ºC dijo...

This is the first time I read poetry in English, and I think I couldn't have a better first experience. I loved the way the feelings are expressed without not many words. Really, it keeps your attention, because you have felt the same, although you couldn't say so well.

Maite. 3ºC dijo...
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Horacio, Ana and Manuela dijo...

It's the first poem we have read in english, and we think that is a great poem.
We are happy to be able to read it in its original lenguage, but it has been very difficult for us to understand without the help of the teacher.

carmen & juan dijo...

I think it is a very beautiful poem. It tells in a very delicate way his feelings in an intimate moment with her lover. However it is a little difficult to understand.
It´s a romantic vision of love that today is only truth when the love is impossible

irene y elena dijo...

We could feel the sensuality of the poem, but we didn´t find the real meaning hidden between the lines. We couldn't imagine what Keats wanted to tell us so

Rosa dijo...

Good Evening, I am Rosa, of the Intermediate II group.
This is a very good poem, and Kears made some several quite good poems, although this is not propably the best. I think it talks about eternity, but the eternity of the love that lives more than the life. Probably, Keats knowed that he was very ill, and his life was not going to be very long, so he asked to the star be constas as it.

I prefer, in the other hand, other love poems, like Poe´s ones or Quevedo sonnets. They are about the death and the love, too.

Frechmen usually call orgasm "little dead". Probably Keats `poem talk about that, too.

doyoudoyou dijo...

I wish I were capable of expressing some moments of my life in such beautiful words.

Sara, Raquel e Irene 3ºD dijo...

We are very surprised with the poem. At first we didn't understand the meaning of it, but after the teacher's explanation we found it out. Although we don't see the sexual meaning in the last line.

María Jesús dijo...

The most amazing thing of this poetry to us,is the diference between the english and spanish manner to talk about sexual impulses.In this poem, is very natural and there´s a relationship with love feelings.

paquita y teresa dijo...

we are in the intermediate class, our name is paquita y teresa, we do love the poem very much, even more once the teacher has explained it to us. The phrase we like most is the last one.

María Jesús 3D dijo...

John Keats uses the right words to tell us how he feels love. Poem's words are maravellous, they are load with much emotion.

He is a romantic poet and I think he would suffer a lot because love often is painfull.

María Jesús dijo...

The previous one, was also written by Miguel.

Teresa y Montse 3D dijo...

it's the first time that we read a poem in english.In our opinion the most difficult of the poem has been the meaning. We have needed our teacher's help,but finally we have enjoyed with the poem which is wonderful.

Cristina Fabré dijo...

I think poetry in English is one of the most difficult things to understand. It's a pleasure to read it, but only when you can understand not only the words if not the meaning of all.

Andrea dijo...

I wish I were capable of expressing some moments of my life in such beautiful words. I really liked it.

Carmen dijo...

well done Folks, even if you´ve needed the help of the teacher, that´s me it is fantastic that you have actually appreciated the beauty of the words and the intensity of the emotion capturing the moment, the thought, the urge of the poet to live.
Well done!

Anónimo dijo...

Somebody was talking above about the difficulty of translation ...and I agree with her. But let's know a good italian tranlation of this sonnet, by a certain Eurialo De Michelis (I am an italian teacher and Carmen and Marta will forgive me this daring (?)
"Fulgida stella, come tu lo sei
fermo foss'io, però non in solingo
splendore alto sospeso nella notte
con rimosse le palpebre in eterno
a sorvegliare come paziente
ed insonne Romito di natura
le mobili acque in loro puro ufficio
sacerdotale di lavacro intorno
ai lidi umani della terra,oppure
guardar la molle maschera di neve
quando appena coprì monti e pianure.
No, -pure sempre fermo,sempre senza
mutamento sul vago seno in fiore
dell'amor mio, come guanciale; sempre
sentirne il su e giù soave d'onda,
sempre desto in un dolce eccitamento a udire sempre sempre il suo respiro
attenuato, e così viver sempre,
- o se no, venir meno nella morte."
Of course it's far better in english but it doesn't sound badly..
With love, Carmen.

Jesús Fernández de Vera dijo...

It is interesting the use of the subjunctive plus the conditional tense in the fist line. "would I were", which seems to be a mixure between "would I be" y "Oh that I were".

Carmen dijo...

Carmen, thanks for the italian translation, we should hear it recited as anything you say in Itlaian sounds nice!!!
"would I were" means "if only I were", "I wish I were"

Anónimo dijo...

We totally agree with Carmen´s opinion. we also think that this represents what love is, however, this is a personal subject and depends on the people.

Grupo 4 dijo...

We think it the most romantic poem we have ever read. Keats writes in a metaphoric way and sometimes it semms difficult to undersantd it.
He wishes to were a bright star and gazes the world from the sky to still for ever in love.


Mª Luz y Susana dijo...

We have found a wonderful rythm in the poem. We have appreciated much more it after its listening.

The poem is also very visual, the star in the sky, the snow fallen, the moving waters, the breast falling and swelling.

We don't find a clear meaning for the end. It could be understood that after a so pasionate love there isn't anythin better or as we thought at the beginning without love life is not worthy.

Anónimo dijo...

Avanzado 2A
Ana Gabriela, Estela, Javi, María, Alicia y Georgina

First of all, we realized that Poetry can´t be translated into another language. It sounds beautiful and intense in English, but when we hear it in spanish, it doesn´t make us feel the same.

Furthermore, the author uses lots of adjectives in a metaphoric language to describe his feelings about choosing betwen eternal love or a real one that finishes.

Anónimo dijo...

Avanzado 2A
Ana Gabriela, Estela, Javi, María, Alicia y Georgina

First of all, we realized that Poetry can´t be translated into another language. It sounds beautiful and intense in English, but when we hear it in spanish, it doesn´t make us feel the same.

Furthermore, the author uses lots of adjectives in a metaphoric language to describe his feelings about choosing between eternal love or a real one that finishes.

Mar, Xavi, Cris5º dijo...

No mater how difficult it is to understand, you can appreciate its beauty in each sentence. Scarcely can you find in Spanish such a short sentence with such deep meaning. We'd like to stress this one, "the new soft-fallen mask of snow upon the mountains and the moors"

Carmen dijo...

well, I´m glad you have liked it and hope that when you read it quietly, at home you can capture its intensity, which is no other but the intensity of love unfulfilled

marta dijo...

Well and what do you think of the poem 4ths? Is it as difficult as I said or it was just one of my usual exagerations?
You must grant it is beautiful

Anónimo dijo...

I think it is much more than difficult, at least for me, I can not understand a lot of words and of course what it is the deep meaning of the sonnet without help.
But even thought, I like very much the last lines about the inmortality.

Rosa A1S dijo...

Sorry, the last post is mine, Rosa A1S.

marta dijo...

Rosa, you have feeling if you like the last lines, they are the most beautiful part of the poem in my opinion.
...and of course what the deep meaning of the poem is.
I´ll give you a clue: The poet is talking about immortality and love, what does he want to have?
Don´t worry it is difficult and enigmatic, it is a sequence of thoughts and the good thing is that I´m sure that now you´ll find Emma easy!

Laura de Arriba A1-S dijo...

The beloved wishes passion were like a bright star, always shinning, lasting forever… And if that pleasant agitation, that grateful excitement were eventually over, it would be better to die.

Jesús Fernández de Vera dijo...

It is very beautiful the image of the star watching the tide going out and coming in (the moving waters) as though there were a baptism (ablution) of the coast.

marta dijo...

It is not bad at Laura, well done.
Jesús how nice to see that you are here, can I just remind you that the subject comes first: the image of the star is beautiful.
I agree it is as if the waters are cleaning the earth purifying it, very beautiful as you say

Jesús Fernández de Vera dijo...

Thank you, Marta!

Ana Martínez dijo...

I have been reading something about John Keats in order to understand Brigh star sonnet. And I believe that He tries to create beautiful and visual words to express his own passion as a young man in love with his beloved young woman.Keats does the poem setting against the eternity concept to ephemeral situations as climax.

marta dijo...

Ana I don´t understand very well what your last line means and it is a pity because I just grasp the meaning but not quite.
He does set the two concepts together to emphasize on the changeability of the human nature against the lack of change in eternity represented by the star, is that what you mean?

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