24 de octubre de 2009

YouTube Channel - fighting for the C1!

Hello, dear colleagues and students! It's your old colleague! :)
I've been fixing your YouTube channel at
http://www.youtube.com/goyaingles in case you decide to do some more video shoots this year.
EOI Getafe has also created a YouTube channel and they've started to post videos by old Avanzado 2 students who wanted to ask for a C1 certificate. All the videos have an audio cover page where they explain what they are asking for:
The Students and Old Students at Jesús Maestro befriended this channel and they're giving this idea of video shoots by Old Av 2 students a thought. A year ago they published on their channel a radio interview on this C1 problem. Here it is:
These 3 YouTube channels are now "friends". This is, we have befriended each other and/or subscribed to each other's channel. Have a look (scroll down in any of them and you'll see the other's avatar). If any of you has an account on YouTube, you can also befriend all of us, and/or subscribe to all of our postings. Hope you are all well! Have a nice course! We'll keep in touch! Big big hug!

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EOIGoya_Inglés dijo...

By the way, these blogs show that people at your school are learning English and much more than that, so it'd be great we told everybody about them! :) Your YouTube channel links to them, so that's there. People visiting your YouTube channel would be finding the link to this blog too, for instance.
Nightie Night!

marta dijo...

I´m very glad to see this, me and my A1s are certainly going to put some video up to show what our levels are.
We must all try and participate we must get the C level and if possible have the levels resorted out as now they are chaotic.
Who can possibly think that you need 6 years to reach an intermediate level in English, the same number of years that you need to become a doctor or an engineer?????
To have an advanced level in English you need, in my opinion, only 4 and of course you must STUDY. Going to lessons for 4 years and not studying at all gets you nowhere.

michelle dijo...

You can count on me, dear Marta. The videos you and Carmen recorded in Y4 two years ago, I think, were wonderful. With all those hard-working students talking about an unabridged novel! :)

Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins