3 de junio de 2008

Attention! 4ths!

Carmen has just published a letter for you 4ths at our Webpage. Here is the direct link: http://www.talkingpeople.net/goyaingles/pages/teachers/carmenperedo.html
You can post here your comments, preferably, or check out the forum (at the Students' Webpage).

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roberto dijo...

Carmen you already now what my feelings are concerning yourself and this marvellous year I have spent with you.

I can only add that in spite of being a very insecure person, I feel confidence every time I have to use English and all is because of your keeping encouraging me once and again besides your wise advice.

Therefore, I hope to see you again in October, however, whether it is not possible, you will always be in my mind and be glad of meeting or helping you whenever and whatever you want.

As the song says:

You’ve got a friend in me!

Carmen dijo...

What good news!! There is little better than having a friend. You´ve also got a friend in me!
Of course you are confident with your English...you are very good!
I may ask for your help next year with my fourths...you know they encouragement and resistance!
We´ll be in contact, I want to know about your Bath experience when you are there. I normally am very busy during the Summer, but I´ll visit the blog, to see how you are all doing. i´ll ask Michelle if she can organise a Summer section!

maría luisa 4ºc dijo...

Dear Carmen.

After reading your letter, my heart has been touched. It is the first time I receive a farewell letter from a teacher. In this case our Dear Teacher.
When the year was beginning, the first day, I didn’t feel terrified by you, I didn’t hate you, I only felt surprised by your attitude. I always liked Theatre and Literature and your plans in the first day of class gave me the hope of a new way not only to learn a language but also to understand it.
I was not looking for a certificate, I wanted to learnt, to know… And that was your big, great and marvellous present for us. Not until have we finished the year we have been aware of your big effort.
In order to awake our brains you gave us amazing issues to speak and to write. So an interesting lesson where we should think about Greek Myths, or discover the hiding meaning of words in a poem by John Keats. You sharing your knowledge, we have been very lucky.
Every day I attended lessons with curiosity: I could never guess your next step in your explanations. We have learnt laughing.
The level for our future teachers is now very high. Your teaching has been a luxury for us.

María Luisa

Don’t worry about my mistakes, I will study all my summer to improve.

maría dijo...

Hello Carmen,

Nobody has hated you (at least we who have read your perfect letter) and everybody does know you are the best. Congratulations for your descriptions which are very funny! It is great how yo express our improvement, because sometimes we aren´t aware of this and we need that you say it and help us to continue improving.

Of course, at first, I didn´t believe I could reach 4th level, you know, I thought I couldn´t be able to survive! I´d lost a year and it means to go back. So I was the one who did know nothing! At first I was desperate...

The greatest triumph, undoubtedly, was being the three clubs. My generation is the Internet generation, I am always online (as a student or as a worker) so it costs me nothing to post my comments and to read yours, which are very interesting and also funny. At last and for the first time I´ve enjoyed learning English, in and out class, and I must admit I´ll miss it and you. In fact, I miss to write compositions every week (I know Bandit doesn´t think like that, ahahah), so it won´t be strange that I send you compositions during the summer (it´s a joke, don´t worry ;) However, we´ll have a Summer section, because Michelle´ll create it for us, sure! When I finish my exams, I´ll buy Persuassion, so we have just an issue to speak about!

Anyway, I hope to see you sometimes in the theatre, or in the cinema (don´t forget the other clubs!) or in the bars!!!!

Carmen, thank you very much, don´t leave us and teach us in 5th, please!

michelle dijo...

Hi there! The forum is ready. Hugs.



It has been a pleasure for us to attend your classes this year. Not only have we learned a lot but also we have enjoyed ourselves. To be honest the first day all of us were a little scared but soon we started to learn and our English has improved a lot. It has been the first time that I had read a novel like THE WOMAN IN WHITE, and I have loved the experience. Before reading this novel it was difficult for me to read a novel in English without looking at the dictionary but now I notice that I can read in English more easily. Even though some things such as the subjunctive were difficult to learn we have achieved it! I hope that next year you will teach us in the 5th year (if they will allow us!!!). Good holidays. See you in October.


Anónimo dijo...

You are far to be a traditional teacher you are a GENIOUS!!. Probably as a genious not everybody understands you and it is natural for human being to fear….. fear of failure, fear of knowing the truth, and the truth is that we must continue study and make an effort to assimilate and learn English.

You are doing an incredible job and all of us really appreciate your hard work and dedication.We are very lucky!!

Dedicated of you:

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him”.---Ralp Waldo Emerson

Susana 4ºG

Carmen dijo...

Thanks to you María Luisa, Maria, Elena and Susan, you are very kind and I appreciate your comments a real lot.
We will of course see each other next year and we will keep up our relationship/friendship on line for those of you who will be away. But life is about saying goodbye, is about finishing things, completing periods, and this one is through. I´m not sad because there has been a lot of good in this year and we have achieved something special which is not easy, believe me to obtain. Next year will be different, for sure. This year has been special, unique,like the bank of daffodils was for the poet that once, even though he could have comtemplated those flowers before. that poem was prophetic, those flowers our symbol!
Susan, what a nice quote. Thank you for posting it, it describes friendship really well..
Tomorrow your orals begin, good luck, remember you are the best, show the other teachers how good you are, they´ll be surprised!

Paloma dijo...

I have been reading your comments. I agree with all of them. Saying such beautiful things to Carmen, you’ve described my feelings.I can’t add anything new. Carmen you know me, and you know what I feel, only a word ¡¡¡¡GRACIAS!!!!

maría dijo...

I don´t find The importance of being Ernest

Natalia dijo...

It's amazing reading all these comments, I agree with all of them and I'd like to thank Carmen for all the hard work and enthusiasm she has shown in every class during this year!
Carmen, you must be proud for everything you got from every of us, we tried our best and it was because of you and your encouragement. Really and truly you'll be forever in our minds and hearts.

carmen dijo...

Dear Carmen,

As I have already told you, I agree with my classmates: you are a unique, excellent and bright teacher.
Thanks a lot for your efforts, always pushing us a bit further and trying to cheer us up. I have had a lot of fun in class… and in addition to what has already been written, I must say that you wouldn’t believe how many times I remember your advises regarding husbands and men in general.
In conclusion, you have made us grow both in English and in personal terms.
Have good holidays, you deserve it!
Hope to see you next year. Carmen (the just married one).

LADY MACBETH. 25th JUNE, 9 p.m. (Matadero) dijo...

It´s María. At least Paloma, Elena, Noemi, Susan and me go, maybe twin teachers, on 25th June, at 9 p.m. So Come with us! It may be our real farewell!!!

www.atrapalo.com (16´50€)

Raquel dijo...

What a beautiful letter, Carmen! I read it but I hadn't got enough time to post a comment. In my case, I was looking for the best English teacher of the school, so I talked to Emi ( you know who I am talking about) and asked her who was the best and more exigent teacher, because, of course I know, Carmen, the only way to learn is work very hard. Thus, you didn't scare me, I was looking for you, but what I didn't know was that it was going to be so much fun and interesting, sharing your glamourous family and your leisure time to go to the theatre and, always encouraging us to carry on.
Thank you very much

Carmen dijo...

Thanks so much for your nice commets.
Paloma, what can I say about you? You have been everything everywhere!!! Always joining in, fantastic!
Natalia, you always there, always nice, always..late!!
Carmen, men always disturb women, so how could you go against what is? you would have done more if you had done less for and with him.
Rachel, you were the first to laugh at one of my comments,so I said to myself "thank God I have one with sense of humour".
I may be good but so are you! I would have never done it without you... pity me next year...

marta dijo...

I have been reading your comments and Carmen´s letter and I´d like to congratulate Carmen on her achievements, a lot, with her students, they all say so, and the students for their comments, they are very nice warm and honest! I´ve read the letter it´s really touching you´ve been very lucky with your teacher and she with you because you recognise quality and say so and not everybody can or does! Maybe you are lucky and Carmen will teach 5th next year, maybe the odds are with you!!

cristina dijo...

Thank you Carmen for your letter but I insit, the merit is yours.I have been in several schools of languages and I´ve never met a teacher so dedicated and enthusiastic as you are. You has encouraged us to improve our English level and we appreciate your effort very much, so THANK YOU!

macbeth dijo...

natalia, en Theatre Club están hablando de comprar entradas para Mcbeth

Raquel dijo...

Oh, Oh I said exigent instead of demanding. I invented it
In addition, I made two more mistakes, one is so much fun and so interesting. The other is the only way to learn is to work, isn't it? I didn't write to

Carmen dijo...

Thank you Marta for your words, as I said in the letter "we´ve come a long way, me and my fouths" we´ve worked hard, suffered a little, got angry...oftena, had some fun and a lot of activities. We have become more than a group, we are a team. A nice team, let me add, thank God the "not-so-nices" disppeared!!!
I do not know how, but I always end up with "my students", don´t I?

Carmen dijo...

The Importance of Being Earnest is yet to be fixed!!! I´ve been away this week-end(home) and find that I will not be able to make it on the 17, tuesday. I´ll tell you when. I´ll post it here and in our section the W in W

mercedes 4 c dijo...

Hi Carmen:
Many thanks for your delighful letter and of course, you are right thinking your pupils were frightened at the beginning of the course.
As you are a little cunning, I supose you enjoyed yourself seeing our faces. Mine was surprised and at the same time I was thinking it was a challenge.
Anyway. Although I am not your more outstanding pupil, I am proud to say: mission accomplished.
Other thing. I usually sing to drive ghost away and to remember special events in my life. Be sure that from now on every time I hear Tears en heaven I´ll remember this special course, this special teacher and The Woman in White.
One thing more. Thanks Michelle for recommend me to choose Carmen as the best teacher in forth level. I hope you are recovered from your ill.
I hope next year stay with you one time more and, of course with all my classemates.
Thanks everybody you have make possible this wonderful course.
Until next october. Good hollidays.

SILVIA 4th A dijo...

Yes,yes,yes! I agree with all of them.How touching your letter was Carmen! Sensitive and realistic at the same time.Of course we were scared that first day!your speech was so hard that we had to be though to accept it (I,not being very courageous was just about to quit that very first day)
But how could I have said that to my children? It has been a difficult year,so to say. Sometimes even coming directly from my fights,not to loose the "interesting" classes
I realise I could have made a bigger improvement if I had studied more,but I feel so proud of what we all have achieved.
We met not only an excellent teacher,but a friend as well.
We were not only students,but colleagues.
We learnt not only English but life lessons.
Things couldn´t have gone better.
I´m sure we´ll see each other again very soon ,if not...



And don´t worry,as you all already know Carmen has a twin sister, Marta, and she teaches the fifth´s! Let´s try to be in her class.

Carmen dijo...

Thanks for your nice words.
Mercedes, you write very well, now you have to work a littl with your oral, listen and go for drinks in pubs whare you are supposed to speak in English.
Silvia you have to write more, next year, to improve that part, you speak very well. When you are flying long distance take a book...
See you in October, maybe, but until then I want you all in the blog to continue practising

Carmen dijo...

"La Importancia de llamarse Ernesto"
dia 19 de Junio
hora 8.30 p.m.
teatro Maravillas, Manuela Malasaña 6, junto glorieta de Bilbao.
PRECIO : 15e si llegamos a 20 entradas. Si no 22e
contactar conmigo los que quieran ir. I have to pay on Monday

Manuel Valladares dijo...

Thank you very much Carmen for your kind words.

We all feel deeply attached to you after this year. With your good humor and comments we have all laughed and had a great time, and the atmosphere and discussions were very open.
So good was the cohesion between the people in the classes that we are organizing meetings for the summer, to go to the theater, and of course, to go out too.

We will all have you in our heart too.
And we will be around next year, so we can share a nice chat once in a while, for sure.

Nothing else to add.
Just to tell you, please, don't change.
A big hug and a kiss.
J Manuel

Carmen dijo...

Thanks, José Manuel!
We did have our laughs and became quite a block, didn´t we?
Now during the summer get reading and listening

Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins