15 de julio de 2009

Summer Reading for A1: PERSUASION

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marta dijo...

I think we can read 5 chapters a week minimum, remember that I want everybody to participate, if you don´t I won´t either ok??

SOSIAS dijo...

Hi, is this for the new A1 (people who are going to start A1 next course)?


Rebeca dijo...

Hello again Marta! That´s a good idea to read five chapters a week.

I´ll buy the novel tomorrow and begin reading so that I was able to post comments every day.

Then, bye till then!

marta dijo...

Rebeca so that I´ll be able. You want the future, I´m glad you are going to read it and I hope more people will tell the others, please.
Sosias, this is not for next year´s A1, it is for the old A1s,sorry. However if you want to read the novel and join us do by all means, you might find it a little difficult though

marta dijo...

I want some comments about how you find the characters, what do you think of Anne Elliot? and her family?

Roberto dijo...

Hello everyone!

What an oportunity to keep enjoying and learning! I really liked this novel and Marta is very nice by recommending you not to stop using this blog.

Mary, a character appearing in the novel, was my favourite one because she made me laugh most of the time.


marta dijo...

Thank you for your comment and encouragement to the participants who do not seem so enthusiastic after all! A1s Remember that if you do not participate I won´t either! And frankly I don´t see that you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...


As Roberto, I want to recommend you this reading. I really enjoyed it last summer. I found Anne and the Captain quite interesting and the story very moving. In fact, I have perceived that Jane Austen's books, at least in my case, have the ability to calm and soothe. Enjoy it!

Mario dijo...


I am trying to read enough chapters from the novel to write a fruitful and reasonable comment.
However, something prevents me now from reaching my goal: My own life seems to be a perfect plot for a novel; my new boss, who has been ignoring me for a month, is driving me crazy right now with lots of tasks. And this stifling heat is killing me (softly with its song!)

I promise not to be a naughty boy anymore; no more excuses: I will write a comment (about the novel) soon. Although my first impressions of this new literary challenge are good, I find myself at a very early stage of the plot to make a proper judgment. I have to keep on reading! Let us enjoy Jane Austen once again!

María dijo...

Hello mates!! Mario, a very funny comment! Of course you are going to enjoy this novel as well as we did last summer. Despite my liking more the second part, the novel, since the very beginning, will grip you. Anne is certainly a very interesting character. And also Mary, as Roberto points out, who is a funny fool! I look forward to reading your opinions!

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...

Mario, very funny!

marta dijo...

Mario, yes I understand that the heat must be terrible!! Do you have air-conditioning??? You can read at home when it is cool... and part of the novel takes place by the sea which is quite refreshing....However there is nothing we can do about the boss.
Thanks to María and Elena for their comments and encouragement, I hope you are having a nice summer. Here in Santander it is at last sunny, not that I´m very happy I already can boast of a dark tan which I was desperately trying not to get!!

marta dijo...

This is my last comment, I really see no interest and so I am not going to do this with you. I understand that you have many things to do and that you can´t but this has to have continuity and there is none. So that´s the end of the summer reading for me however you can do it yourselves and you can post your comments, I strongly advice to do so as this is a way to brush up your English.
Have a nice summer

Raquel de Luis dijo...

I am sorry Marta, I have just come back from holidays and I didn't have Internet. I have regarded the blog many times in June and beginning of July, but after that without having any post from you I began to think that the summer reading wouldn’t take place.

Anyway, Marta, don’t get angry, I guess two weeks are not enough to everybody read the comments. It would be a good idea to send an email to all the students, I’ll do it.

I will buy the novel today, and I hope to see more comments from you all (Marta included, please).

Raquel de Luis dijo...

I have only read chapter 1, but anyway, we can post about it.

As in P&P, vanity is in the centre of the novel, and again the second eldest daughter is the favourite of the father. If we add that her name is Elisabeth, we could think that we are talking about the same book!

In P&P, one of the most famouse sentences pronounced by Eliza is: "Vanity, not love, has been my folly". Do you think we will have a love story as romantic and impredictable as in P&P?

And what about the father? This time there is no a silly mother but a fool father. At least women characters, at the moment, are dealt more kindly.

Elia A1B dijo...

Raquel, thank you very much for your email. I were regarding to the blog in June and beginning of July too, but I started my holidays without knowing which novel we were going to read this summer. Anyway, I read your email when I arrived, and I bougth it to bring with me to my village. I am very sorry because I couldn’t comment before, I hadn’t got internet, but I have been writing in my notebook many comments to share with you when I arrived, and here I am.
First, I find very interesting to remark what Raquel said and I perceived too: There isn’t a silly mother, but a silly father. Maybe he isn’t silly, but a little slow. There are women who preserve his fortune. And women not only inside his family but also out side, as Lady Russell. I find this woman very interesting. I think she is a powerful woman. And also, she is who ask Anne what she thought about her family and the changes that, at the end, are for them and not to her. I want to point the sentence on the book: “She consulted Anne, who never seemed considered by the others as having any interest in the question”.
And I want to ask you what this sentence suggest you: “Anne Elliot had been a pretty girl, but her bloom had vanished early; and as even in its height, HER FATHER HAD FOUND LITTLE TO ADMIRE IN HER, […], there could be nothing in them, now that she was faded and thin, TO EXCITE HIS ESTEEM.

And this other sentence about Mary: “and had therefore given all the honour and received none”

I can continue comment, but I prefer wait your answers. And seeing that there are no comments of advanced chapters I prefer start by the beginning.

angela dijo...

Hi Peers!!!I'm Angela. First of all, Marta; I'm very sorry for not having posted?? any comment about the book. In fact, I bought it when I read Raquel's e-mail, and I began to read it then. But, I have to say, that I'm not able to advance as I would like!!I thought P and P was difficult but with this one,I don't know how to describe it. I can't have a fluent reading, I don't know why.
I've read the first 4 chapters, poor Anne, and how stupid seems to be her sister, Eliza, again. Well, I'll try to read more during this weekend, and on Monday I will post agian!! Do you Know when do we begin the classes???
Marta, if you read this, post something, and dont abandon us with the book.Bye

Elia A1B dijo...

It's curious how Eliza turns his possition as daughter to mother(I mean, as the female head of the family), and I think anne and Mary are going to argue with her, as in all families, the children fighting with their parents. And poor Mary, I think she is so alone...maybe she is ill frecuently to feel someone near her, in this case Anne.

marta dijo...

I´m very glad to see that you are commenting about the novel. Keep it up it is very good to prepare yourselvers for the year

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