24 de marzo de 2009

Attention Fifths, End of Term NEW NOVEL

We are finishing "Jane Eyre" this term and today we just thought that we could start a new novel straight away, which could be used to practice our English particularly from the 21th May,when we stop lessons, until the 16th June, when we sit our exams.
Do you have any suggestions? Me I propose:
1. "A Tale of two Cities", Charles Dickens,
2."Pride and Prejudice", "Emma", "Sense and Sensibility", Jane Austen;
3. "Whuthering Heights", Emily Bronte.
4. "The Mayor of Castebridge", "Tess of the Dubervilles", Thomas Hardy
5. "Therapy", David Lodge
6. Any Virginia Wolf? Any others? "Rebecca", Daphne du Maurier?

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María dijo...

My election goes to "A tale of two cities", and for the summer, "Whutheting Heights". It´s amazing how fast the course has passed...

Carmen dijo...

The problem with A tale is that some people have already read it but they could read it again.. it´s always good to read Dickens, i mean you cannot finish and not have read Dickens, after all he is considered the master of narrative

Roberto dijo...

I'd would be glad to read any novel of Dickens', The Mayor of Casterbridge, Sense and Sensibility or Whuthering Heights. However, I agree with Carmen when saying we cannot leave the school without having read Dickens.

Raquel 5º C dijo...

Well, I vote first for "Therapy", I've never read a novel of Lodge and, secondly, Pride and Prejudice could be fine for so short a time that we have.

Roberto dijo...

Anyway, if I must choose only one, my choice is "The Mayor of Casterbridge"

Mª Luisa 5º C dijo...

In spite of realizing the importance of reading any novel of Dickens at this last year, I would prefer to change a little and that we should devote a time to another epoch and ambient. I agree with Rachel, perhaps reading Lodge we could approach to more modern grammatical structures and different scenes.
Time is an important question and I would prefer a shorter one as "Pride and Prejudice", but if we try to prolong our reading during summer, perhaps we could read one more extensive and “Wuthering Heights” is wonderful enough.
I had thought that we could use this blog in the future, continuing reading novels together with a calendar, as we did last summer.

María dijo...

Ok, I don´t mind. Whatever we read will be good.
María Luisa, I agree with you that we must write on this blog in the future. Not only is it useful to improve the language, but also really interesting to write about a novel a group is reading. I do like commenting them and will continue doing so!
I´m just thinking... Carmen, do you already have an idea of what book will be read next year with you?? Because if some of us keep here, it would be good that the books weren´t the same. Do you see what I mean?

Carmen dijo...

I see what you mean because you could join the group. think however that the level is very low, they could never attempt Dickens, Therapy they could, I don´t know from this point of view you would have to go for the difficult one. You have to come to an agreement!! don´t beat about the bush, you can read them all at home, in any case.
Don´t shilly shally (indesive).
I´ve included Rebecca, it´s not as grand as the others but it is fun.

Maria Luisa 5º C dijo...

Ok, Carmen. My election, as Maria, is " A tale of two cities", but knowing it will be impossible to finish the novel with the term I propose continuing reading it during our summer, and... would it be possible for the next year to open a section to read together any complicated novel? Pleaseee.

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...


I would say "A tale of two cities" for now, though I started reading it a year ago and found it difficult, so I think it would be great to do it together through the blog. Afterwards, I would try to read myself "Wuthering heigths" during the summer.

Anyway, Carmen, I'm sure the one you decide will be interesting enough.

María dijo...

"A tale of two cities" is winning... Those who have already read it, declare yourselves and complain.

María dijo...

Oh Rebecca is also an interesting one! Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca" was inspired in "Jane Eyre", as Michelle said at the beginning of the course. I´m changing my choice!!

Alessandro 5º b dijo...

I vote for the tale of 2 cities.
I could not attend my beloved 5ºB class last monday, since I had 2 go 2 Valladolid 2 participate in an event at the University. The travel in the AVE was very confortable, but I was very disappointed when a beautiful voice sounded trough the speakers, first in Espanis and then in EngliSSS: The passengers should not Estand up from their seats until the train does not Estop completely. Does it mean that the Royal Espanish Academy for the Englisss Language allows to add an "e" before any englisss word that Estarts with "st" or "sp"???

Raquel dijo...

Well, I have changed my vote, for "A tale of two cities". I think it is a good opportunity to read Dickens and to share comments about the novel with you. Maybe, this will not repeat again. So, there we go, my choice is "A tale of two cities".

María dijo...

ahahah Alessandro, how funny are you! I take it personally... I´m trying to correct it!

Carmen dijo...

Very funny Alessandro!! I´m glad you´ve noticed it, when one knows one cannot go back to ingnorance!!!

Paloma dijo...

Any book you choose will be good for me.



My vote is for a tale of two cities

mavallad dijo...

Probably too late, but I would like to suggest a novel from the XX century.
We have read two novels from the XIX century so maybe we should advance a little bit in the history of literature.

My suggestion goes to two novels that I didn't read, so I cannot tell if they are easy or not.
They both have movie versions and maybe that will put some people off.

The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton
Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh

Anyway, I will go with what is suggested, because as Elena says, it is more fun to read it all of us together.

Carmen dijo...

Well, you have not come to an agreement. we have to decide!!

María dijo...

Carmen has told us that finally we are going to read "A TALE OF TWO CITIES"

Roberto dijo...


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María dijo...

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