2 de abril de 2008


STAGE 1: Context Information.
Target: Information in the blog March 30th Sunday

STAGE 2: Profile Information.
Target: Information in the blog April 6th Sunday

STAGE 3: Admission of applications, format, interview contents.
Target: Before April 20th Sunday

STAGE 4: Interview.
Target: May 8th Thursday

STAGE 5: Publishing of winners and results.
Target: May 11th Sunday

Please look in this section to do the interview we are not going to do it in Lucky Jim from now on. This is a game, remember, so let´s have fun! Good luck on your first job interview in English. Teresa and Fernando thanks for all your work.

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Teresa dijo...


As you know Marta has proposed us to organize one or two conversation lesson doing several job interviews. This is obviously a simulation, a role-play.

For that, we have chosen two imaginary vacancies for a public relations officer in two different companies. So, we need six volunteers (three per vacancy) to participate in the selection process.

The volunteers can imagine a profile and assume the role in order to enrich their candidacies. As we know that time runs against all of us, it would be enough if you send to the blog a mini simulated CV only with few lines to guide and help us in which way we are going to manage the interview.
We can also learn how to do an English CV at the same time!

The interviews will be carried out by us according to the actual market criteria. Of course, we will try to put flexibility and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere (you can imagine the character that you want!). No one will be filmed if he or she doesn’t want it.

At the end of the process we will choose and send to the blog the best candidate for each vacancy and the person who would be introduce for us to each company.

It is very important to bear in mind that this is only a game and a simile exercise, with the only aim of practice conversation in an open, pleasant and funny way.


There are two interesting job vacancies in the National Press in which two consultant companies are looking for people with a high English level. The vacancies are for PR officer in railway field with international and excellent future. You have to remember that the market in the field of railway is deregulated (in the same way that the field of telecommunication, for instance: many companies can use the public railway infrastructure).

One of the vacancies is offered by ICOMOVIL consultant, for a Railway Operator Company; The company aspires to set in motion high speed trains in European countries.

The other vacancy is offered by FANCY FACE consultant, for a public Railway Administrator. The company aspires to standardize all the authorities’ lounges in Europe, which are always placed in a High Speed environment.

You will find the details of both offers here, on the blog, on April the 6th.


Fernando dijo...

Marta, thank you very much. We expect that everybody could enjoy this idea.

Well... has nobody nothing to say?
Come on, go for it!

T&F dijo...

We are very sorry about the deadline but we have had several technical problems!

As we told you, and continuing with the 'Job Interview Game', find enclose the profile of both Consulting Companies: Fancy Face and Icomovil.

Click the link for further information:
Fancy Face

Come on mates! Think about which one you are going to applaying for and ... go ahead!

marta dijo...

´T&F you are wonderful! Look what they´ve done we are very lucky to have them doing all this for us, thanks tons. Darlings, I´m talking to the rest, please join in and participate this must be fantastic! I wish I could participate but of course I can´t bet you they wouldn´t take me.

marta dijo...

I haven´t been able to open either! I´m desperate maybe it is because it´s a little late. So I´m going to bed with my curiosity unsatisfied. Will I ever learn to work this bloody machine!!!!!!!Excuse my faul language

Mercedes dijo...

Marta, I am working over and I feel a bit fed up. I am sorry for not coming today. I have not finished Alvaro Pombo's book so I could not write the composition the other day, when I finished it I promise I am going to write something. Don't be desperate about the computer, I am sure you are improving in it, when I began to work with them I felt the same as you, so I understand you very well. Sorry if I wrote mistakes.

marta dijo...

Thanks for your message Mercedes, and for the encouragement, I am sure you are right but now it seems impossible for me to ever be confident with a computer and I much regret not having practiced before, but now I´ll have to manage as it is. You have made very few mistakes, I am sorry that you are overworked and that you haven´t been able to finish the novel. Don´t worry relax and remember we are doing the job interview for fun so if you don´t get the job, it doesn´t matter! Have a nice week end I am in Santander and I don´t know if I´ll actually be able to get back it´s raining so much!!

marta dijo...

T&F I have finally managed to open the two companies, Mercedes I don´t know how I´ve done it, and I can only say that I am really impressed, this is just wonderful.Darlings what are we going to do without you next year? What am I going to do without you all! die of boredom! We now need the candidates to send their CVs don´t we? So whoever you were, please send something or weren´t they meant to? Carmen is impressed too.

Carmen dijo...

WAOW! i´m impressed. Good work

T&F dijo...

Marta and Carmen, thank you for encourage us!
We all want to pass, of course! But we're sure that we all are going to miss you also.

Come on mates! We only have one candidate till the moment!

marta dijo...

Where are the other candidates?? You said you wanted to do it well come on then if not say otherwise. Tomorrow we´ll talk about this first thing

Carmen dijo...

Would you like to have some of the fourths?

marta dijo...

Well how about that the 4ths would like to cooperate and there is no objection on my part! They volunteer much more and are ready to do things so why not have them????????I SEE NO COMMENTS

T&F dijo...

Well, we see people don`t dare to participate... Why not? It's only a harmless game, don't be shy, mates.

Anyway,we would like to post here a little outline of the stage 3 of our humble work below:

STAGE 3: Reception of candidacies; format, content and mark of interviews

1.- Publication of invented CVs (4-6 candidacies) and his demanded vacancy (Fancy Face or Icomovil)

2.- Individual interview. Content:

2a) After greeting and wave, we will have short comments about the CV
2b) Asking technical questions (3-5)
2c) Scenario simulation test
2d) Ending, farewell

3.- Criteria and rating of interviews (currently in preparation)

New deadline for candidacies: Before April 27th Sunday

Don't forget to click links for further information about the simulated profiles:

Fancy Face

T&F dijo...

We are sorry!
We had forgotten to answer the question about the 4ths: they will be always welcome. Perhaps the problem could be that we had time enough.
We are even thinking about having only 4 candidacies, not 6, because of the time: one class and fifteen minutes per applicant.
How about an alternative work in this matter also, consisting on a writing task for the 4ths?
This task could be to imagine, write and send a CV to apply for one of the post.

Until now we have had only two applicants (Gora and Emi) who have applied for the PR post announced by Fancy Face, and we still have no one for Icomovil. We could have either real applicants for the conversation task and only CVs (the written task) from the 4ths: we are happy with both cases.

Have a nice weekend!

Anónimo dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por un administrador del blog.
Dakota dijo...

Hi people! Congratulations for your amazing activity!

And sorry for this intrusion: Mercedes, in my opinión (of course, it's just my opinion), you shouldn't type your complete name and phone on the Internet just like that (or somebody's phone - it does look like an actual phone number) and if you don't know who (person) is offering the job, if you write "Dear Sir," you might be offending someone by taking for granted that only men can enjoy that kind of position. (If you know it's a man, you should use his name, and avoid calling him Sir).
Hope nobody feels bad about this comment. It's just a personal opinion and the comment is intented to protect people, not to harm them! :)
Have a nice weekend!

mercedes dijo...

Hello Dakota, thank's for your advice, you are right but my problem is that I can not avoid to say and to write the truth, you know, I think sometimes it is not a good idea but I am always thinking about the human behaviour in a good way (It is a pity, but .....), the second point is that I knew that the person was a man so I wrote Sir but you are right again, I had to write his name. Well I am over working and I could not prepare very well my comment, and the time was over, F&T had worked very hard and nobody had written anything.
Thank's again and have a good week end. Regards.

marta dijo...

It is nice to see that there is some activity in the interview. congratulations Dakota thinks it is good and she is an expert

los alumnos dijo...

Como seguramente sabréis todos tenemos un nuevo blog dedicado al cine que hemos creado con una ilusión tremenda. Pero los blogs no funcionan solos, necesitan alma, y su alma es la gente que escribe en ellos. Sin vosotros, sin vuestra colaboración, morirá. No es necesario que escribáis en inglés, podéis hacerlo en español si os apetece más u os resulta más fácil, pero si optáis por intentarlo con el idioma de Shakespeare, no os preocupéis por los errores. Todos los cometemos, es así como aprendemos, nadie va juzgar como lo hacéis, somos vuestros compañeros. Lo que queremos es hacer algo que pueda unirnos, que nos permita mantener el contacto durante el verano y que nos entretenga y enseñe. Alguna gente escribe en inglés bastante bien y se puede aprender mucho de ellos, y si, además, ampliamos muestro conocimiento cinematográfico, miel sobre hojuelas. Venid, por favor, es algo nuestro, algo que nos convierte en compañeros y amigos independientemente de nuestro curso, nivel o estatus en la escuela. Por cierto, los amigos de nuestros amigos también son bienvenidos. ¡Os esperamos!

Dakota dijo...

Yes, it is an amazing activity -- people can learn lots and train for real life with it!
Glad to be helpful, Mercedes. I have a very positive approach to mistakes, because in my view, when you are alive, you make mistakes, when you explore and practice, you make mistakes, when you are dead, you don't! :D So making mistakes is part of life and it is precisely what gives us the chance to LEARN!
Hey, we could start a thread collecting quotes on positive approaches to mistakes! I feel Spanish people are very afraid of making mistakes and that is why they don't participate in things as much as they would really like to!
Gotta go! :)

marta dijo...

Dakota you are right I think what you say about Spanish people is true. A good piece of advice and a very positive approach to mistakes

Anónimo dijo...

Dear Mr. Scott,
I have read the announcement for a PR in "The Daily Mail". I would like to apply for this job. Althogh my work experience is very far from being PR, as I have been a language teacher for more than twenty years, I think my cultural background and my social abilities will be a good value for your company while I will have the chance of changing my professional life and to bring all my energies to a new field.
Yours faithfully,

Carmen Dreams


Carmen Dreams, born in 1960 in Madrid.
Elementary school at Rome, Italy
High school in Italian School in Madrid
Doctor in Philology, she has teached in high school and universities in Spain and Italy. She has been counsellor for teacher training and bilateral relationships in spanish embassies overseas and now she teaches to adults foreign languages.
Good level of italian, french, portuguese and english

(..and she would be very grateful for being corrected...thank you to dakota for her vaulable counsels about "SIR"... and for her good job in this blog)

Carmen Dreams

Dakota dijo...

Oh, wow, thanks adorable people! I really appreciate! :) Like Carmen said the other day on a different thread, you made my day! :)

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! In Spanish it's "haz de tripas corazón". When you look for a job, and you write the cover letter (first contact with potential employees) there should be nothing there against your skills or you in any way. I'm not into lying. I'm more into finding the way to bring forward your abilities and make your vulnerabilities irrelevant. Why don't you try to change this idea, Carmen Dreams, "Although my work experience is very far from being PR" into something very positive for that job, or why don't you play it down or simply delet, and enhance your strengths? (By the way, don't use abbreviations till you have mentioned the complete sequence once first; if the ad doesn't tell you want the abbreviation is you should find out)

Night night! Enjoy our great evening tomorrow!!! :)

marta dijo...

Ms. Dreams a very good impressive CV. Well done you are one of the few Spanish who speaks 4 languages well, I´m sure they´ll take you! So others what are you going to say? I think it´s going to be fun when we do it I´m looking forward to it

T&F dijo...

Well, the deadline arrived at last and we already have five job seekers for the PR officer post!
They are Alicia, Carmen, Emi, Gora and Mercedes. Remember the locations of the profiles:

Fancy Face

Have you any question?
Anyway, have a nice long weekend! Thanks and good luck for everybody!

T&F dijo...

We are very sorry, there is a mistake in the previous link for Fancy Face and Icomovil!
Try here:

Fancy Face

Thank you!

Anónimo dijo...

Hello to all of you! Here we are again!

The first thing that we would like today, it is to say thank you very much for your contribution with us in the "job interview conversation game"

As you can see above what we posted on April, the 18th, the interview is going to have different parts; its not an exam and we have better heart than our teachers, (we're kidding!), so, in order to solve some doubts of our great candidates, we want to give you several clues about the subjects of the questions that we could ask to you.

We hope it could help you and be usefull for make the interview!

For Fancy Face post: (Emi & Gora)

Personal Experience; Tactfulness; Kidness; Creativity; Knowledge and good taste; Publicity; Organization; Management; Political; Protocol and Personal Image

For Icomovil post: (Carmen & Mercedes)

Communication; Organization; Self-control; Innovation; Persuasion; Enthusiasm; Initiative and Commercial calling.

Alice: we're very pleased to know that you also want to participate, but we dont have your CV and your election yet, which one would you like to applying for? Choose one and send a mail with the CV before Thursday please!

Anyway, remember its only a game in order to practice and get a little fun.

Good luck mates!

T&F dijo...

I didn't write the name well, but the comment about the interview it was from us, sorry.
We are out in Madrid today, so, we'll see you on thursday for the interview.

marta dijo...

t&f thanks you are out of Madrid and working and still thinking of us, we look forward to Thursday! I hope all the candidates do well, remember it´s just a game and we are practicing! Thanks for your cooperation too

marta dijo...

A fantastic class as I said the work t&f have done is amazing and they carried out the interview wonderfully,please don´t throw away the material we would love to repeat it next year!! (You as guests of course. The candidates did a very good job too because answering the questions was not easy! They didn´t expect them and they solved the problem very well. Thanks tons everybody I am very proud of all of you, you are simply THE BEST!I am dying to know the result, what t&f told us after the interview was also very interesting

Anónimo dijo...

Well, at the end, we had a good time and I think we enjoyed very much, I supposse we are dying to know the result but in my opinion it doesn't matter, all of us are fantastic and this year I have known the best mates. Thanks everybody. F&T are really a very good mate, and you had done a lovely work. Thanks again.

marta dijo...

Anonimous I agree with you I am dying to know but it doesn´t matter it was a very good class and we all had fun. What´s more we have learnt a bit about interviews and they all did it very well, I am not a good judge because one thing is the English and another a person suitable for a post. F&T have done a brilliant job, Renfe must be very happy with them, they are a good team, working team I mean Jack

T&F dijo...

Thank you very much to all mates for your contribution and for your attention, and also thank you for letting us to create something different and for managing your lesson for a day!

Marta, don't worry, you will have all the material, just let us finish with the selection process and at the end of all we'll give you, we have already thought about it.

We still have to collect the result of the interviews, for establishing the final marks.

Please, be patient, it will be a difficult choice for us, because of the level of the applicants!

Good luck!

marta dijo...

Take your time, we can wait, suspese is nice. The material is worthless without you!! But thanks again

T&F dijo...

There are a lot of features to analyst the result of an interview (you could consult many web sites to find out by yourself), but in whole, all of the methods used for that include aspects like communication, personal skills, decision making, knowledge skills, career development possibilities, management, interpersonal relationships capability, etc.

During the interviews’ development on May the 8th, we could appreciate several of those features indicated above, and we took structured notes for making our selection in each post. Our work tried to get skills and behaviour paying strong attention to the candidates.

We both have mixed our notes, and have tested many times the result in order to pursue the most fear result, because we had only two positions and four applicants, and all candidates were perfect during the interview, and their CVs are absolutely suitable for the posts.

Remember here some typical and easy recommendation when you face up an interview:

“What makes a good interview? First, have a good preparation before interview. Prepare yourself by following three simple guidelines. Guideline number one is: find out as much as possible about the company. For example, you can get a lot of useful information from the company’s brochures, annual reports, catalogues, that sort of thing. Two, find out if the interview is with one person or with a group of people, and what their jobs are. It’s very useful to know something about the interviewers before you meet them. And three, make a checklist of the questions you want to ask at the interview. Remember an interview is a two-way process. The company finds out as much as possible about you, and you find out as much as possible about the company.
So, that’s what you need to do before the interview.

Now, we study the interview itself. There are seven more guidelines to remember here. Guideline number four, dress smartly. A suit or something formal is best. Five: arrive in good time. Arriving late for the interview is the worst thing that you can do. Rule number six, create a good first impression. Remember, first impressions are very important. Start the interview with a smile, a firm handshake, and a friendly manner. Guideline number seven, Try to stay positive and relaxed during the interview. I know that’s difficult. People don’t usually feel relaxed during an interview, but remember, your body language gives the interviewer a lot of information about you. You want that information to be positive, not negative. Number eight don’t give only ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers. Talk freely about yourself, give reasons for your opinions, and explain why you are interested in the job. Nine: ask questions. Remember the checklist of questions you prepared before the interview. Show you’re interested! Finally, guideline number ten: learn from your interview. Analyse your performance afterwards and think how you can improve the next time!”

You have to remember specially the guideline number ten!

Anyway, before Fancy Face & Icomovil finish with the selection process, you have to bear in mind that our intention have been only to finish this fantastic conversation game and enjoy everybody, and no one have to get angry or be disappointed after reading the results, it is not an easy task!

MARTA dijo...

The prize giving has at last appeared in the paper! La Razón, it is in the magazine Carácter page 76 of today´s paper. Check the internet to see if it there! I´ve just seen a long comment I´m going to read it and see if it is THE ONE

marta dijo...

T&F very good advice! I´m going to print it, because it is good not only for an interview but for everyday life! I´m certainly going to use it for that

marta dijo...

T&F very good advice! I´m going to print it, because it is good not only for an interview but for everyday life! I´m certainly going to use it for that

marta dijo...

T&F very good advice! I´m going to print it, because it is good not only for an interview but for everyday life! I´m certainly going to use it for that

T&F dijo...

Dear mates,

Fancy Face & Icomovil have already taken a decision, so, you can find attached clicking in the link the results.

Feel free to do any comments!

Conversation game results

Thank you very much to all because,even with the work that it had at the end, we really enjoy and practice very much, and we hope you feel the same.

marta dijo...

I´ve just read the results! Perfect!!!! Now they know what they can do and what they are good at! THANKS TONS FOR ALL YOU´VE DONE, IT IS A PERFECT PIECE OF WORK! YOU ARE GREAT!

mercedes dijo...

Hello everybody, I can not see the results because I do not have pdf I'll be dying for knowing the result till Monday in my office when it is possible to see it,¡¡¡¡what a pity!!!! but Marta is very happy with the result and I supposse and I am sure it will be the best. Thank you very much for giving me the posibility to be one of the candidates. All of you are the best. Have a good week end, see you on tuesday. Kisses.

marta dijo...

Yes you´ll be happy with the result, it is perfect. What a pity you can´t see it. But I don´t want to say anything not to spoil the surprise, thanks for your comment, what about the others??? Have you seen anything?

Anónimo dijo...

Congratulations for everybody.!!!UFFFFF I saw them¡¡¡ I am really very happy with the results and I could not believe it, I have got the job as Financial Adviser Manager ufffff, !it is fantastic¡, thank you very much, I would like it is a pity that it is only a dream and a play, ja ja. F&T I can tell you that the last part is also a very good work, the results' presentation and the organization chart are fantastic.
Well, thank you very much again.

mercedes dijo...

I do not know why my name is not in the comment. Well you know that I am not anonimous.I AM MERCEDES. ja ja.

marta dijo...

Mercedes I thought it was you! Thanks for the comment I´m glad you got the job! I agree that T&F have done a wonderful job of the last part too, they are the best. I´m going to miss them terribly next year, and the rest of you too!
You are the best 5th so I´m sure most of you will pass and the sad thing is that you leave. You must keep in touch through the blog.

mercedes dijo...

Hello Marta, thanks for your replay. It is the first time that I do not want to pass a course (ja, ja) but I'll try to pass it, I promise you. Don't worry if I do not pass I'll be with you another year learnig and studying english. There is a very big problem with the Schools of Languages and teachers and I think it is a money's matter. In my opinion we should be all together against the stupid law that changes things without seeing their illegality. I'll try to go to the demonstration. Sorry if I wrote many mistakes. Regards. See you on Thursday. Mercedes.

Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins