6 de marzo de 2008

Creating tags for our blog

Hello, everybody! We found the need to create tags (etiquetas) to add to each of the messages we type (bottom line), so that we can have some categories (see side column "Tags") to group our posts here. The tags created so far are the following: community (for threads related to our on-line life here!, personal communication), poetry, fiction, woman in white project (for everything connected to this amazing project), shakespeare (we can delete this one, if you like). Whenever a teacher types a message to start a thread, he or she will have to remember to fill in the slot just below the box where we type with the tag (the key word) which will identify the topic of the message. For blog users, if you need to find out how many threads we have with poems, for instance, click on "Poetry" under the "Tag" heading and you'll get those results. Please, if my adorable colleagues see that we can create other tags or delete some or reword them, post here! :) Night night

5 comentarios:

Paloma dijo...

Sorry I haven't understud what you mean.

Roberto 4ºb dijo...

It has been a very good idea. Now, it is easier to post our notes in the blog.
Thank you!

Dakota dijo...

Hi there!
Oh, thanks so much for your comments! I'll wait for more, just in case, and then explain, Paloma, OK? But I recommend instead of trying to understand, you just click on the concepts under the "Tags" heading, and you'll see.
I'll be back! :)

EOIGoya_Inglés dijo...


Lo de poner etiquetas, typing in tags, is something for teachers starting threads here to do.

Blog readers checking out this blog would only use tags to click on them and find all the threads under that tag (idea).

Is this clearer, Paloma? Please, ask whatever you don't get, OK?

All the best

Anónimo dijo...

you have a fast hosting

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Wilkie Collins